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É I know, itÕs not a very original title.

IÕm sure IÕll come up with something

better another time.








Text Box: Dan kayaking at Pine Lake - abt. 2007(?)


The Guigon.ca domain was gifted to us many years ago by our friend Rick. It was a fantastic idea and still is. I had grand plans for developiText Box: Luke, Jarod, Jessica, and Alexng this website as a resource page for our extended family, and I still do. Unfortunately, life in general has interfered with the immediate development.


It recently came to my attention just how behind I was when a cousin reached out asking if he could have the domain. Being a bit of a data hoarder (read: control freak) and not wanting to lose control of the domain, I respectfully declined his request explaining my own intentions for it.


This interaction prompted me to at least do SOMETHING different with the site, even if it was just to show that we hadnÕt dropped off the face of the Earth and forgotten about it entirely. Of course, that meant reaching out to Rick to refresh my memory on how exactly to go about making changes, but RickÕs an awesome sort of fellow and puts up with my sporadic demands in this area. I now have the information I need to create, re-create, change, improve, update, etcetera, as time permits and actually get those things to appear on this page. Yay, me! (And thank you, Neil, for the prompt.)


Now, those of you that are aware of and actually follow my travel blog -- https://guigondotca.wordpress.com -- will probably find some of this rambling familiar. I will try my best not to repeat myself here. Given the travel restrictions currently in place due to the pandemic, I donÕt foresee adding to my travel blog any time before 2022.


My intention for this webpage is to provide a place to connect with each other: to keep each other informed about how weÕre doing, to post family news and photos, that kind of thing. Also, I thought this would be a good place to trade ancestry information. I have built our family tree on Ancestry.ca for both DanÕs Guigon/Kuppenbender lines and my Gaudet/Lafrance lines Š email me if you would like a link to the tree.


I will leave things like this for now. Please feel free to reach out to me if you would like to talk about this site or add information to it. Eventually I hope to figure out how to add a comments or chat box to the page, but for now email will have to do.


Take care,

Adelle and Dan


Contact Us:     Adelle@guigon.ca      Dan@guigon.ca